Hospital Physical Properties

The hospital building is located in 2 floors, which include:
Ground floor: Includes financial offices, clinics and clinics specialty, admission, bank, emergency departments, operating room, newborns, delivery, international patient unit, infertility
Underground floor: radiology and ultrasound sections, laboratory and blood bank, pharmacy
Kitchen, Churches, Pharmacies, Housewares, Medical Equipment and Materials, and Pregnancy Classes of Natural Health

One floor: Surgical, Postpartum, Quality Offices, Occupational Health and Safety Units, Training Unit
Second floor: library
Health Information Management Unit: Located at the end of the hospital
  Amphitheater in the direction of the main entrance door to the emergency department
Refrigerator: In the hospital's yard, not in the emergency department

The administrative part of this center is under the following sections:
1-room boss
2-administrator of the hospital
3. Director of Health
4-high quality office
5. Responsible for the service
6. Social work
8. Secretariat and computer programmer
11- Discharge
13. Registration
14-Administrative affairs