Hotels Of Kermanshah

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Kermanshah Parsian Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in the west of Iran which started its activity in February. Parsian Five Star Hotel, one of 5 luxuriously furnished Parsian Hotels, is a 4-storey hotel with 4 rooms and luxurious accommodations. Located in the commercial and administrative center of Kermanshah, the hotel provides easy access to Kermanshah city center, airport and attractions, including Taq Bostan, making Parsian Hotel one of the best travelers' accommodation in the west of the country. The hotel offers the most up-to-date facilities to serve and respect guests.


hotels 1 The four-star Jamshid Kermanshah Hotel, located on Taq-e-Bostan Boulevard, was renovated in year 6 and renovated to improve service quality in year 4. The hotel is built on 2 floors and has 5 rooms with amenities. The benefits of this complex include its close proximity to Kermanshah, Taq Bostan and its lakes, and easy access to other attractions including Kermanshah Roof, Khosro Parviz Hunting and Imamzadeh Ebrahim. Experienced staff at Jamshid Hotel strive to provide a memorable, peaceful stay for dear guests of the beautiful city of Kermanshah

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The three star Resalat Hotel is located in Ferdowsi Square in Kermanshah. The 8-storey hotel has a variety of accommodation units with amenities and amenities and is currently one of the cleanest hotels in the city. Other advantages of the hotel include close proximity to the airport, proximity to tourist sites such as Taq Bostan, Bistoon Inscription as well as easy access to the city center. Resalat Hotel has always strived to provide the satisfaction of its passengers and guests with its experienced and experienced staff